A legacy of 80 years dictating art and finesse to create designs that reflect our culture.
Gold is a symbol of beauty that makes each moment for a woman special through unique designs. MB Ashthekars time bound expertise and earned loyalty make them one of the finest jewellers that re create occasions and experiences. Cherish timeless memories with us.

Incepted in 1955 by Mr. Madhavrao Ashthekar carrying the rich lineage of family jewellers, during a time where Gold Jewellery Making was royalty. Passion and Art meant your family to be carved as a Royal House identified for its craftsmanship, a profession chosen by few stalwarts. Years of perseverance, maintaining the timeless aesthetics by learning and delivering to new age customers made niche expansion easier. Our morals are experience, goodwill, trust and emotion created by our father over these 80 years.

We instill value and trust in each piece creating a committed relationship with our buyers. Our karigars have been with us over years themselves carrying this legacy that lets them re create intricate moments of love.



"Upholding roots through modern traditions and prosperous associations"

We are known for our expertise in crafting customized jewellery by understanding each clients specifications in detail. It is our experienced craftsmanship that helps us enhance that product and trust that helps us deliver whilst upholding our roots. We want to create memorable moments for the women making jewellery that reflects her dreams and taste.

Our Employees, Stakeholders, Karigars and Customers are the pillars holding our vision. We value and respect each contribution as its them taking us steadfastly ahead. Their dedication, belief and ideas help us get better with time. We look to grow this family with similar individuals where service and integrity is apex. We are ethically aligned with government rules and our products are certified as per standards.